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Dear Members,

It has come to the Union’s attention that members assigned to Young Men’s Leadership Academy (YMLA) have been required to work an extended day in violation of the collective bargaining agreement.  The District has informed the P.E.A. that pursuant to Article 24:6 that they believe that they have the authority to designate YMLA as a turn around school (which would mandate that all staff work an extended workday and work year.)  However, it is the Union’s position that the District’s designation of YMLA was improperly done and a violation of the contract.  First, the Superintendent did not articulate her reasons for designating YMLA as a turnaround school nor set at least one academic goal for the school.  Second, the District did not post positions for YMLA designating such positions as such in the CBA.  Three, the District involuntarily transferred and or assigned staff to work at YMLA without their consent.  

The P.E.A. will file a grievance and demand that the District cease and desist from implementing the extended workday at YMLA as well as compensate all affected staff for their additional workload.


John McEntee, Jr., President
Paterson Education Association