Over the years, the PEA has participated in the NJEA Pride in Public Education Program.  For those who do not know, PRIDE in Public Education is a campaign that shares the successes of New Jersey’s public schools while building community support and involvement.  PRIDE programs cover a variety of topics and areas, including combating privatization, passing school budgets, addressing drug and alcohol issues in the community, and helping to keep teen drivers safe (just to name a few examples).

In previous years, PEA has funded projects as diverse as sponsoring a little league team, to Trunk or Treat.  The community found value in these projects.  However, the PEA has made a decision that going forward, all new projects for the 18-19 school year would have to be aligned with our Union’s strategic objectives regarding PRIDE.

These objectives highlight some of the many challenges that our students and staff face every day in the Paterson Public Schools:

1.  Overcrowded Classrooms
2.  Denial of services for students with special needs
3.  Health and Safety concerns such as mold and lack of air conditioning

4.  An any other community event approved by the P.E.A. officers.

However, we also recognize that many of our previous projects involving the sponsorship of sports teams have been very popular.  The Union will continue to sponsor these preexisting relationships with these teams, but we need to ensure that PEA members have a presence at these events to speak to parents and members of the community about the Union’s strategic objectives.

All PRIDE projects meeting will be reimbursed to the extent that they meet the requirements of the PEA and that of the NJEA.  These grants are reimbursed to the PEA 100% by the NJEA.  Any member wishing to complete a PRIDE Grant Proposal must ensure that the proposal is directly in line with the aforementioned standards.  For more information, please contact 1st Vice President Charles Ferrer at the PEA office via telephone (973) 881-9445.