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P.E.A. met with district officials to talk about the ongoing situation at Eastside High School.  It is being reported that staff members at EHS have been required to teach a 6th period and teach more than two preparations in direct contravention of the collective bargaining agreement.  While the District has stated that this practice has been put into effect due to teacher shortages, it is still, nonetheless a violation of the contract.  

It is the District’s responsibility to adequately staff the schools.  The District’s failure to do this will not be borne on the backs of our members.  If you are being required to teach a sixth period or more than two preparations, please contact your building rep as soon as possible to be included in the class action grievance at each academy.  

Once the grievance is filed at level one in the building by Eastside’s delegates, the P.E.A. will aggressively pursue this matter to arbitration if necessary.