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The P.E.A. officers have agreed to support the Paterson Fire Department’s drive to support women with breast cancer at Paterson Saint Joes Hospital. Below is a link that we are encouraging all interested members in using to purchase a t-shirt. 100% of All proceeds go to Saint Joseph’s Regional Medical Center Foundation. Below is a short blurb of the great work our sisters and brother in the fire department have done:
    • Since 2013 We’ve donated Over $75,000
    • Assisting 150 patients battling cancer
  • Purchasing 100 sets of prosthetic material for women who have undergone mastectomies
  • $15,000 spent directly on medication for patients who are uninsured or otherwise could not afford it.
  • Nearly $50,000 spent directly on patients experiencing a financial crisis during treatment.
  • Not to mention, The fundraisers spread a remarkable amount of awareness regarding breast cancer.