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During the Summer recess, the P.E.A. Office building will remain closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 
P.E.A. will be using the month of July to have the building cleaned for a potential reopen sometime in the Fall.
June 23, 2020, 9-12 
June 24, 25, and June 26th P.E.A. Closed for emails, calls, and virtual meetings.
June 29 and 30th (P.E.A. will be available for emails, calls, and virtual meetings.)
*July 2nd, 3rd, and July 6th (Closed for Holiday Weekend).  No access to email or phone messages.
*The rest of July available Monday through Thursdays.
**Not available all Friday’s in July.  Closed
Office Closed August 1 – 31  Officer & Staff Summer Recess
No access to phone, email, virtual meetings.
The month of September: