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Non-Tenured Teaching Staff
IA’s and PA’s with less than two (2) years of service:

Below are the customary non-tenured packets that we send to teachers and IA’s and PAs annually.  It ONLY pertains to employees in these two categories.  If you are NOT a non-tenured teacher or an (IA/PA who has less than two years of experience,) then this email does NOT pertain to you.  If you are unsure if you possess tenure, err on the side of caution and assume that you are non-tenured.

As is the process, the District has until on or before May 15, 2021, to offer you employment for the upcoming school year.   Since Paterson never sends reemployment contracts each year, we recommend that non-tenured teachers and IA’s and PA’s who possess less than two years experience and have not been issued non-renewal notices utilize Appendix A.   Below is a set of FAQ’s to help you:

1.  Where can I find the packet?  (the link is below and posted on our webpage)


2.  Is the District expecting to lay off this year?  
As of the date of this email, we have not received any official communication either way.

3.  Can the District still non-renew even though we are going through COVID-19?
Yes.  The District can non-renew any non-tenured employee at any given time (even without reason) by simply giving 60 days’ notice.  

4.  When do I submit “Form A” in the packet to the District?
After May 15th.  We suggest submitting it on May 17, 2021, as this is the first business day after the 15th.  Please do NOT submit it before May 15, 2021, because the District has the right to non-renew up until the 15th.

5.  Who should submit “Form A” found in the packet?
All non-tenured teaching staff.  Also, IA’s and PAs with less than 2 years in the District.  In both cases, however, employees non-renewed should not submit the form.

6.  What do I do if I am non-renewed?
P.E.A. normally holds a meeting at our office explaining your options.  However, since we are closed until further notice, we are working towards holding a virtual meeting with anyone who is non-renewed for performance-related issues.

7.  Is a non-renewal the same as a layoff?
No.  A non-renewal is for performance-related issues.  

8.  How long do I have to submit (Form A) to the District?

While you have until June 1, 2021, under normal conditions we would never ask you to wait until the last minute.  We highly recommend doing so on May 17, 2021.

9.  Since we are under a social distance policy, how do I submit the forms this year?
We recommend that you send one via United States Post Office mail, and email a copy as well.  The emailed copy will provide you with a timestamp.  You must email copies directly to eshafer@paterson.k12.nj.us and a copy to lrojas@paterson.k12.nj.us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the P.E.A. anytime at leadership@patersonea.net.  If you respond directly to this blast message, your email is unable to be opened due to the server that we currently use.  


John McEntee, Jr.