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This morning, the New Jersey Supreme Court released its ruling in the Rozenblit case, which attempted to overturn long-established collective bargaining rights in New Jersey school districts. The Supreme Court overturned an Appellate Court decision and upheld the right of districts and local associations to collectively negotiate union leave time. NJEA’s officers, President Marie Blistan, Vice President Sean M. Spiller, and Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty issued this statement commending the Supreme Court’s ruling:

“We are pleased that the court followed the law and respected decades of precedent in making this common-sense decision. The case was without merit from the beginning. It is well established that employees and employers have the right to collectively bargain the terms and conditions of employment. The contract provisions at issue in this matter were part of the legal collective bargaining agreement.

“This frivolous lawsuit was never about Jersey City. It was brought by well-funded, out-of-state special interests pursuing a radical anti-union agenda that is out of line with the values we hold dear in New Jersey. After more than 50 years of collective bargaining, New Jersey’s public schools are rated the best in the nation. Perhaps these out-of-state groups should spend their time learning from our success instead of trying to undermine it.”