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After one of the most tumultuous starts to the school year in Paterson Public Schools History, The Paterson JFK HS survey results are in. These examples from the survey were tough to digest at first read, but show a glaring problem that in the past several weeks has seen a lockdown at the school, and vicious fights with understaffed security.
According to Paterson JFK HS employees:
36% of all staff surveyed do not have a key to their classroom to lockdown.
80% of all those surveyed are concerned regarding Ms. Shafer’s COVID-19 Covid Procedures.
98% of all those surveyed are willing to file the state’s Violence and Vandalism Reports to prevent the Superintendent from continuing to hide what is taking place.
Here are Paterson EA member comments from our Google Safety Survey regarding the question, “What typically occurs when you request security in an emergency situation?”
** It is difficult to find a guard. At the moment we don’t even have a working phone in our room so there is no way for us to call security.
**Nothing, none are around
**There is no security at many times during the day.
**50% never show up
**We don’t have a phone and there is no guard consistently outside our door. I had a group of kids walk into my class and there was no security guard to help me get them out.
**Delayed or no show.
**Does not come or arrives too late
** We had security in the past and SRO
**Nothing really because of the security shortage
**Only beginning today did I see security in hallways, but prior to today, there was NO security visibly on the 3rd-floor hallways
**There isn’t enough security in the building even for the office to get one when called. Kids gather tight in groups of dozens, masks down, fighting, screaming, running… And nothing is to be done about it.
**There seems to be no one from security around at certain times of the day. I have walked the halls and have not been able to get anyone. Bathrooms are also problematic for students as the security holds keys.
**There is no security to call for
**They are not in some hallways.
**It is usually difficult to find a security guard in the first place and depending on who it is, there is a varying response to how helpful it is.
**Call who? The air in the hallway? Security is nowhere to be found, ever.
**Haven’t called yet. Rarely someone in the hallway.
**They take too long
**There is no security to call in the halls. When I called the desk when a fight broke out, they told me they will send someone up. We are unprotected 90% of the time.
**They have not been visible in the hallway.
**Nothing- no one came after 3 calls for a large fight
**Not too much security around these days
**Normally, if there is a security guard on the floor, he or she would take the student to the ACT office. After that, I have no idea. Lately, our security is minimal so when we call for security, we have had not much luck.
**What security? Pre-Covid when we had security they would come and assist.
**They are too few in number to cover the building.
**Nothing. There is only one security person who covers the first floor. When we need the most security, which is the lunch periods (4 through 7) security is helping with the front cafeteria. Teachers in the science wing deal with the disruption in the hallways on an ongoing basis.
**There are not enough guards in the hallways.
**No one comes. The only people who ever help are other teachers.
**Not enough security
**Security is limited and often times not readily available. Therefore, locating a security guard this year is hit or miss
**I haven’t had to. But they are very rarely in the hallway when I walk around
**No one is there
**You have to find a security guard in the hall first.
**There is no security available. The one time I called this year, during what can only be described as a riot, there were no guards available. Also, students can’t access the bathrooms without security guards to unlock the bathrooms.
**There is often no security to be seen to call for. If the secretary calls on the radio someone will come.
**There are usually none near my classroom.
**Nothing. I don’t have a phone in my room to reach the office, and there is no security in the hallway.
**The security person is so far down the hall they do not hear me.
**Nothing. There is rarely a security guard in the hallway to be called.
**If an adult is in the hallway, I can ask them to see if there is a security guard in the lobby area at the center of the building.
**They are usually in another wing of a different academy
**It depends on the class period. If it is during the AM periods, security is always available. However, sometimes security is afraid to confront problematic students. During the PM periods, security is mostly never available.
**We only have so many security guards
**No security on the 3rd floor in the afternoon
**No security
**Nothing, no security present
**Very late response
**No one is around. I have to run the halls to find someone.
**Nothing…there is no security
**I only needed a security guard to open the bathroom doors for students and sometimes it was difficult to locate one due to lack of security staff.