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Dear Members,

Due to the District’s aging technology, the Union has received many complaints from members that they were unable to complete their HIBSTER training at today’s in-service.  Please be aware that its the District’s responsibility to ensure that you receive adequate time to make up said training.  However, you can not be required to complete professional development on your prep, lunch, or other non-work time unless:

A).  You voluntarily consent to do so; 
B)   You are compensated.

Otherwise, pursuant to Article 22:3-1, the District may only offer PD on in-service days.  The Union will make a written demand that the District set aside time during the regular workday to ensure that you have adequate time to complete the training(s).  If they refuse, the P.E.A. will file a class action grievance for all affected members.  Remember, the District knows if you complete this at home or on your prep, lunch, and other time.  You only hurt weaken the Union’s argument if do not comply with the Union’s request to ONLY complete PD during regular work hours (apart from your prep and lunch).

Should you be directed to make-up these PD’s (outside of regular work hours), please confirm in writing with your administrator and request compensation.


John McEntee, Jr., President
Paterson Education Association