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Our organizing is working and our pressure is starting to make a difference!  Trenton is taking notice of Paterson.

As you know from our member’s actions this week, P.E.A. members at each worksite have helped change the conversation about school funding.  Legislators and the Governor’s administration are starting to see just how unfair and dire our budget situation is.  Our job is to translate that understanding into action.

As you know, we’d discussed a “Day of Action” at the P.E.A. delegate assembly meeting for next Wednesday.  I am pleased to report to you that as a result of the pressure our members are bringing, our Union members now have an opportunity to take that message directly to Trenton instead.

At my insistence, the Superintendent has agreed for two P.E.A. representatives from every building to be released next Wednesday to ride on a bus to Trenton for the budget assembly hearing.  P.E.A. will be contacting those representatives this afternoon.  I am thrilled that P.E.A. members will now take our message directly to legislators and the Governor’s administration.  As a result of this agreement, and joint endeavor, all class coverage compensations shall be waived for the day (Wednesday, March 27, 2019). 

While we may still need a “Day of Action” in Paterson in the weeks, and months to come, this is a great opportunity to take our message directly to the people with the power to bring justice to Paterson.  

Make no mistake, this is a huge win for our Union and our community.  By working together, we are on the verge of getting a better outcome for P.E.A. members and our students.

I’ll be in touch with the delegates in each worksite to determine who will be representing us in Trenton next Wednesday.  We want to fill every possible seat on the bus with an advocate who will loudly and proudly stand up for all of us!  This is happening because of you.  Your calls.  Your emails.  The conversations that you are all having at your worksites!  Member power is the only power that matters, and we have it!

Please keep the pressure on.  And please remain ready to act if we need to call another “Day of Action” later in the school year.  As a result of the aforementioned, I am postponing Monday’s P.E.A. General Membership Meeting until further notice.

In Solidarity,
John McEntee, Jr., President