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In Remembrance of Ryan Smith

In Remembrance of Ryan Smith

April 11, 2022

Dear Union Colleagues,

Like many, I am deeply saddened to learn of the sudden loss of our Union brother, Mr. Ryan Smith (41 years old).  Ryan was assigned to East Side High School where he spent countless years of his life providing a quality education for our students.  Beyond that, Ryan was extremely well-liked by all that knew him.

Ryan was a dedicated educator in our school system.  In fact, he was equally motivated to assist his sisters and brothers in the Paterson Education Association.  Ryan was active in the Union, and he served on the current P.E.A. negotiations team.  In addition to his many roles, Ryan was always the consummate team player.  He was always the first to volunteer to assist.  More than that, however, he enjoyed boarding the P.E.A. bus to help other locals in their time of need.  Whether it was a trip to Jersey City to help fight for a contract or a trip south to Cape May County to blast Senate President Steven Sweeney's pension reforms, Ryan never missed an opportunity to lend a hand.

On behalf of the entire P.E.A. membership, I offer Ryan's family, friends, students, and colleagues our sincerest condolences.

John McEntee, Jr., President

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